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  • KINGAN electromechanical Founded in 1997, is a company with 20 years of professional air compressor sales, repair and maintenance services in one of air compressor system equipment company, we have the technology and the management of the world's leading status.

    The company provides you with pre-sale consultation with two sales, field maintenance, spare parts supply one of the four high-quality, computing services. "One-stop shopping, a set of services" is the company a big advantage, and improve after-sales service is your choice.

    10 years, we have been focused on the Atlas, Bolet, Fu Sheng, Sullair America, Kobelco, Hitachi, Desi Lan, Beijing pine, giant wind Lingge wind and Jaguar, etc. world famous air compressor repair and maintenance services, and to provide a source of clean air optimization program, while also providing the compressed air system design and optimization of pipeline installation services, as well as energy-saving air compressor, screw air compressor waste heat recovery hot water project and so on.